Fiber Facts

Driven by consumers’ demand for more information . . .

The evolution of technology has had a profound effect on the connectivity requirements in today’s market. Streaming videos, 3D graphics, video conferencing and other state-of-the-art applications have moved us into a global mindset where relying on telecommunications has become a way of life – both for entertainment and for work.

And with the ever-growing demand for more information at a faster rate, there’s really only one solution that meets consumers’ needs – and that is to increase broadband speed.

The product solution:

Fiber optics is the product solution for increasing bandwidth into homes and businesses across the country. The unique properties and capabilities of fiber have revolutionized the way that we transmit and receive information and, ultimately, the way that we communicate – at the speed of light!

Along with an increase in bandwidth and speed, fiber has other advantages, which include enhanced reliability as well as the ability to carry a strong signal over a longer distance, resulting in a better quality of transmission.

Meeting the challenges of fiber optics:

As we move away from other cable options to the more advanced fiber-based system, it comes as no surprise that the biggest challenge is in implementing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) systems in a brownfield application. While updating to fiber within an established infrastructure and older neighbourhoods can pose a challenge, the benefits far outweigh any short-term inconveniences the upgrade process can involve.


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